IC3 Solutions

IC3 Solutions is a leading social media company located on Brisbane Road in Mooloolaba. Being a Social media company, a fast internet connection is an essential requirement for their day-to-day business activities.

When the company decided to move its office from Mountain Creek (where the NBN is available) to Mooloolaba, the company faced a big crossroad. Now while they have an office in one of the most populated business areas on the Sunshine Coast (where they could increase foot traffic and general brand awareness) on the flipside,  because the NBN isn’t actually available, IC3 faced problems running their operations on a day-to-day basis.

While an ADSL internet connection can adequately cater for most social media users, when it comes to managing multiple client accounts and especially uploading and streaming videos, the technology simply falls short. A prime example of this is, the process of uploading videos to YouTube and other social media platforms. It went from a 3-5min task to a 2 hour chore.

During our initial meeting, we were able to identify these problems and provided them with a package that will adequately cater for the company’s needs whilst keeping the cost close to their previous NBN providers and far cheaper than some of the other solutions available.

Here are some kind words from IC3 Solutions

“When you are so used to having high speed internet it is hard to go from this to anything less. When we made the move from our current location with NBN to our new office that isn’t NBN ready, it was incredibly frustrating.  With lots of questions and concerns on our mind, we contacted Flash Fibres.  The sales team – and Dave in particular was amazing from start to finish.  Every question we asked, he answered and did it in a timely manner.  We thought we were going to have a huge problem on our hands but Dave took control and got us to a place where the other main service providers didn’t even want to know about.  Now, we are functioning and we couldn’t be happier with the transition. Thanks Flash Fibres Team.  ”

We take pride in doing the necessary research for our customers and ensuring they get the fastest service as soon as possible to continue and grow their business. If you would like us to come to your premisses for an obligation free consultation call us on 07 5438 0003