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Why Us

We are Sunshine Coast Locals and are proud to be one of the only ISPs in Australia to offer Internet packages based on speed not data limits.

Flash Fibres are a Local Sunshine Coast business, with a Network built, owned and managed right here on the Sunshine Coast to provide fast and affordable Internet connections to residents and businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

We are focused on establishing strong relationships with our customers, and consider ourselves to be a transparent business – you will always know exactly what you are getting with and Flash Fibres package and we are always happy to have a chat with if you if you have any problems or questions.

SPEED: As anyone who either lives, works, studies or travels to the Sunshine Coast probably knows, generally the Internet speeds are not the greatest. NBN is still yet to roll out to some parts of the Sunshine Coast, and those that have it are less than satisfied, and getting answers for questions you have or solutions to any problems can take weeks if not months to rectify.

SPEED GUARANTEE: We do not guarantee our speeds as things can sometimes be out of our control, but we do endeavour to give you the speeds that you are paying for or as close to as possible. We have network support available from 7am until 10pm 7 days a week, based right here on the Sunshine Coast, so if there is an issue with speeds it can be rectified or at very least tended to in a matter of hours if not minutes, rather than weeks or months.

Most consumers are not aware that the majority of Internet Service Providers sell their internet packages based on the maximum speeds achievable and legally they only have to provide a fraction of that speed. That is not what we are about! If we are unable to give you minimum speeds of 50/30, we simply will not service your property.

UNLIMITED DATA: Flash Fibres was one of the first and is still one of the only ISPs in Australia to NOT charge you for data. We charge for the speeds provided to your premises. All of our packages include unlimited data and the difference between the Gold, Silver and Bronze packages is the speed at which your unlimited data downloads and uploads. Read more about our packages here.

If you are interested in joining Flash Fibre’s radio Internet network, call us on 07 5438 0003. or Enquire Now