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About Us

Flash Fibres are dedicated to increasing the speed of the Internet for Sunshine Coast business owners and residents.

Flash Fibres is a local Sunshine Coast owned and operated business dedicated to providing fast Internet speeds for residential and commercial properties.

The Internet on the Sunshine Coast has a lot of problems; most people have either ADSL1 or ADSL2 and have very slow download speeds of about 5mbps and even slower upload speeds of about 0.3mbps. This means that simple things like watching Netflix, streaming video content, playing online games or uploading files and documents to a website or cloud service are very difficult.

As most Sunshine Coast residents and business owners are probably aware, we seem to have been forgotten in the national rollout of the NBN; very few locations on the Sunny Coast have access to NBN fibre internet and it could be up to ten years before most houses see this technology. Even the new ‘FTTN’ service that has been rolled out in some Sunshine Coast areas is not an ideal Internet solution – while it may have increased your download speed slightly, you will still find that your upload speed is terrible which could be detrimental for a lot of Sunshine Coast businesses.

Flash Fibres have developed a solution to overcome these problems using radio technology, and are capable of increasing internet speeds up to 50mbps for both download and upload.  It works by providing a radio link to Flash Fibre’s network.

If you would like more information about joining the Flash Fibre fast Internet network on the Sunshine Coast, call us today on 07 5438 0003 , or click here to see a map of the areas that our network covers.