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About Us

Flash Fibres are dedicated to increasing the speed of the Internet for the Growing Sunshine Coast business owner and residents. 

Flash Fibres is a Local, Sunshine Coast Founded, Owned, and Operated business that is dedicated to providing fast Internet speeds for residential and commercial properties on its own Sunshine Coast Built Network.

As most of you are aware Australia, especially the Sunshine Coast has a lot of problems receiving good internet. Most people have now gone over to the NBN in areas where it has been rolled out, and it hasn’t been as successful as planned, but there are still several people that are running on ADSL1 or ADSL2 giving the download speeds of 5mbps and even slower upload speeds of 0.3mbps.

In more recent times, the population is relying on good high-speed internet as more and more people are working, studying or even completing exams at home. 

Well, Flash Fibres has the solution!

We have developed a network to overcome these problems using radio technology, and are capable of increasing speeds up to 200+mbps for both download and upload. It works by providing a radio link from the Flash Fibres Network to your property.

If you would like more information about joining the Flash Fibre fast Internet network on the Sunshine Coast, call us today on 07 5438 0003, or click Enquire Now