Fast Internet connections of up to 1000mbps

for Sunshine Coast Businesses

Running a business without a decent Internet connection could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, every second you or your staff have to wait for downloads and uploads it’s costing you money.

These days, most of the standard programs and software that businesses use is cloud-based and relies on fast, reliable internet. Simple day-to-day tasks like using accounting systems, file sharing, multiple email accounts, cloud accounts, and servers can slow down your day.

With the changes made in recent years, video calling, conference calling, video meetings, face-timing is all that more common and rely on a good internet connection.

Not only will joining the Flash Fibres network give you faster, more reliable connections with the Network built and managed on the Sunshine Coast, BUT we have a support team that will be there the SAME DAY to get that connection back to great if you have an issue, not have to wait weeks or sometimes months for your message to be passed from one person to the other and possibly lost in transit. Our network is also monitored 24/7 so we could have the issue fixed before you even know about it.


So not only will you be getting faster, reliable internet with a Sunshine Coast support team, chances are we are a fair bit cheaper than other providers. Give it a go. Call us today on 5438 0003 or send us an email to for your OBLIGATION FREE LINE OF SIGHT AND QUOTATION.

If you are after a specialized connection with even higher speeds, contact us today and speak to one of our Network Team

 *Minimum Term Conditions apply** Pricing is dependent on service area