Flash Fibres is a locally owned & operated company in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, which has recognised the need for an effective and professional high-speed internet service to residential and commercial customers.

Flash Fibres is high-speed internet that runs through a radio link. it is the NBN alternative. We are not on selling anybody else’s product it is built, owned, and maintained by us, here on the Sunshine Coast.

Flash Fibres is a locally owned & operated company in Caloundra, who own and built their own “carrier-grade network” being rolled out on the Sunshine Coast.

Very stable. The quality radio link equipment and quality radio links on our carrier-grade network are a winning combination. Flash Fibres only uses proven equipment and from some of the best data centres in Australia. Providing quality environmental controls, producing a professional carrier network.

Our Sunshine Coast network is connected to high-capacity licensed radio links. These radio links are immune to interference problems encountered by lesser grade wireless systems which use free to air spectrums for their backbone infrastructure. Licensed radio links are strictly controlled by the ACMA


If we can’t offer you our minimum speeds of 50mbps download and 30mbps upload, we will simply say we can’t service you!
There are 3 standard packages for both Residential and Commercial customers to choose from with our basic maximum speed being 100mbps, however, the sky is the limit, if you are after a specialised service. Give us a call and see what we can achieve.

Our system is different from the current telephone line system. It requires special hardware and antennas to accept the much higher speeds. This specifically designed hardware needs to be installed so you can receive our high-speed service.

A typical residential installation is very fast taking 1-2 hours depending on the building layout. A commercial and high-rise/apartment installations are viewed on a case-by-case basis depending on the customers’ requirements.

You should be up and running within 7 working days, depending on our current roll outs typical installations are completed within 4 days.

No, but the reliability of the links as well as bandwidth is. If you put all this together you will achieve great speeds and will enjoy the internet even more. Many people are after speedy internet and looking at the numbers, not realising that the quality of link and bandwidth are more important.
What is also important is customer service, because we are here on the Sunshine Coast if you ever have a problem it will be attended to the same day and not be passed from person to person and probably lost.

Yes we do have options available. The speed and stability of our network and VOIP (voice over IP) is the perfect marriage. Just phone 07 5438 0003 for more information.

 The same all the major Telco’s, it is impossible to guarantee the speed of a network.

What we can say, however, is that we have a carrier-grade network with high-speed downloads and uploads in all our plans, so in the event of a high traffic period, the slower speed would be difficult to notice. We are large enough to respond quickly to network issues and small enough to focus on providing high-quality service to the Sunshine Coast. We will give our best efforts at all times to make sure you are getting the speeds you paid for.

There is no fees involved with moving between our packages, as your life and technology grows, you can grow your plan to suit your needs. 

There is a number of Contract Options at Flash Fibres, there is either 12 or 24 Month contract or No Lock-in Contracts available.