High Rises

Flash Fibres can provide a superior Internet service for residential and commercial high rise buildings.

A lot of the high-rise buildings in the Sunshine Coast area have trouble with their Internet connections; they receive bad service and slow upload and download speeds. Whether it is a commercial or a residential high rise building, the problems are likely to be the same, and the tenants are probably going to be knocking on the door of Body Corporate to find out what can be done.

Flash Fibre have several solutions available for high rise buildings that will increase your Internet speed dramatically and make your tenants happy. Please note that if you are a resident of a high-rise building, you will need to get your body corporate on board if you would like to join the Flash Fibres Internet network.

Flash Fibres have two services available for high-rise buildings:

Option 1: We can set you up with a direct link point to the roof of the building that then feeds down to all of the different offices or apartments.

Option 2: We can feed fibre into the building, which essentially means that you will be running on NBN speeds.

If you are part of the body corporate for a Sunshine Coast high rise building and would like to discuss whole-building solutions for increasing the Internet speed for your tenants, then call Flash Fibres today.

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